Monarch Orthodontic Frequently Asked Questions

How is a specialized certified orthodontist different from other dentists?

A specialized certified orthodontist begins by completing dental school, then continues their education with several years of additional extensive and specialized training. Only dentists with such advanced specialty education can present themselves as orthodontists.

Do I need a referral before coming to see a specialist in orthodontics?

No, you do not need a referral. Although we do accept referrals in the community, we also see patients that come to our office directly without a referral.

How much will braces cost?

If you or your child is a candidate for orthodontic treatment, then a fee will be quoted upon full assessment. The fee for an individual’s treatment is determined by a number of factors including the severity of the problem to be corrected as well as the anticipated length of treatment. The type of appliance (metal brace, clear braces, retainers etc…) also is a consideration. Our office offers payment plans to make orthodontic care affordable.

How long does treatment last?

According to a recent survey of Orthodontists, the average length of orthodontic treatment is about 22 months. Depending on the type of problem a patient has, treatment could range from 6 months to 36 months or more.

If the treatment time is longer than quoted, do I need to pay more?

No, a quoted fee is a fixed cost. If your account is completely paid and you need to continue with your appointments, your treatment will be completed at no additional cost.

How much does my insurance cover?

If you have dental insurance that includes orthodontic benefits, check with the insurance company or your employer’s human resources department to learn the details of your coverage available to you. Your insurance may cover: a percentage of the fee quoted, be capped at a specific dollar amount (“yearly maximum” or “lifetime cap”, or have an age limit.

Can your office send in the claim form for me?

Unfortunately, we don't deal with insurance companies directly due to the guidelines of our Orthodontic Association, but we will gladly help review your insurance policy and fill out the appropriate forms for you to submit to your insurance company.

Do braces hurt?

The actual placement of braces generally does not hurt. You will probably notice some discomfort beginning a few hours after your braces are placed. For most patients, any soreness dissipates within the first week. If you feel some discomfort, you may wish to take a non-prescription pain medication such as Advil (Ibuprophen) OR Tylenol (Acetominophen). It may be best to take such medications before the discomfort begins.

Can I still play sports?

Yes. We recommend a mouth guard for all contact sports.

Will I set off a metal detector at the airport?

The lightweight metals used in braces will not set off the metal detectors.

Do I need to see my family dentist while in braces?

We would like to reinforce the need for you to keep regular visits with your family or pediatric dentist. They play a vital role in maintaining good oral health. We are an aid to your dentist, not a replacement.

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